Giving You Choice

The Fed Up Community Cafe is all about helping people. Whether it is a meal and a chat, signposting someone to get the professional help or training volunteers to get the confidence and skills to get a job; that’s what we love to do.

Sometimes that help is needed outside our normal operational hours, such as emergency food parcels from foodbanks or a bit of help with shopping.

Foodbanks are a lifeline for people who need that extra level of support, but we have found that quite often there are items in the food parcel that are not liked. It’s not as easy as going to a shop and picking the items you want or need… or is it?

We wanted to be able to help anyone needing food, the choice to choose their own items that they would eat in their household. Other foodbank organisations, although offering a great service, don’t offer the addition of choice to make their food packs up. The Fed Up Community Café is proud to announce that we are the first (that we know of) to offer this service online to help people who can’t get down to the café during our normal opening times. This is through the affordable shopping system costing £5 per week, where you can choose 20 items from the larder.

Our online system not only allows you to have the choice of what items you need, but also offers additional support in “Meal Packs”. These are packs that contain everything you need for the whole meal. This includes a recipe card to help you cook the items.

Have a look around our website and see what you think.

Please note that although this service is online, we still offer the same choice within the café during opening times for those that prefer not to use the online system.

If you would like to know more about the café service we offer, free of charge, then please visit our main website

Meal Packs

We offer packs that include all the ingredients you need to make a meal. On top of this, we include a recipe card to help you prepare it

Not everyone is a master chef and can come up with ideas on how to make a meal with limited ingredients. A lot of us cook the same meals week after week, mainly for convenience. Well this is where we can help you.

To help you, we have created some meal packs that have everything you need to make a meal, all in one bag. In addition to this, we have created a recipe card to go along with the ingredients that you can follow.

In addition to our meal packs linking to recipes, we also have a growing library of general recipes that help you cook on a budget or with limited ingredients. These can all be found on our recipes page

Donate To Us

Everything we offer is free of charge to anyone needing support. Donations are vital to the success for the support we offer.

If you are a local business or a member of the community, we need your help, or we couldn’t exist.

We want to make sure that no one in our local community has to go hungry, but we need your help to make this happen. Your gift of financial support, time, business partnership and food can make a real difference.

Over 95% of the food we distribute either through our café or by our Community Larder has been donated by the public and local businesses. Your food donations are absolutely vital to our ability to give everyone referred to us a choice of food.

Donating food items

If you can donate to the café to help our larder service, please drop in to the café on Bridge Street, where a member of our team will be happy to help you. Any food items are appreciated, even fresh items as we have fridge storage. We only ask that any items donated to us have a reasonable shelf life / date on them so we have time to distribute them.

Financial Donations

Not all donations need to be in the form of food. Sometimes we have to buy items to make sure we have enough in stock to help. If you would prefer to donate any spare money to us, to help us pay for stock items, then please scan the QR Code on this page or click the link below.!