Best Before
Means that the product is perfectly safe to eat, but the guaranteed date where the product is at its best may start deteriorating in quality. “Best before” dates do not have an official expiry date. On our website, we reduce items to half cost and are found in the Best Before category

Display Until Date
This is usually found on veg and is purely a date for the shop to tell them to only put the product out for sale until that date to maintain freshness. This has no expiry date and is designed to check the product manually for freshness

Use By
This is a safety date to say that after the date on the package, it is no longer safe to eat. This is normally found on items such as meats and ready meals. After this date, the manufacturer is saying that the product is no longer safe to each and should be thrown away.

Use By to Best Before
This is a transfer of Use By to Best Before and is only changed when the item is moved from fresh to frozen. If an item is frozen from fresh then you can use the Use By date as a Best Before date, although be aware of freezer burn which reduces the quality of the item